Sunday, January 4, 2009


So we're four days into another new year and the effects of all that revelry is just about wearing off. Now granted that the first few hours of a new year hardly constitute a time for profound introspection (or introspection of any sort for that matter), but there's something about the idea of yet another year being seen off that brings about just that kind of unwelcome thought bubbling to one's mind. Anyway there I was, in the wee hours of the new year wondering what this signifies for me and for all of us in general. Not the best way to start the new year.
At the end of every year we gear up for a round of partying to signal the end of one year and to ring in the new year. But what's the point of all this partying. What is it that we are celebrating? At the end of all it most of us just have to drag our sorry selves to work the next day where nothing really has changed. We are still doing the same things we were doing last year, still surrounded by the same irritating people we try and avoid getting into conversations with, still bundled with the same same amount of obligations, financial or otherwise, and thats assuming we didn't end up doing anything really silly the previous night. So whats there to be really happy about? Whats there to look forward to? Now, on the other hand, if we were given a clean slate where all our cumulative mistakes, debt and skeletons in closets were wiped out at the end of the year, then there would be reason to celebrate and be hopeful. Since thats not going happen we really have very few choices to make any new year happier than the previous one. Resolutions to achieve specific goals have a tendency to fizzle out before the first month is over. We are too involved in our lives to spare the time to lose those extra pounds, or read that new book or go on that vacation. Just as we were last year. 
But what we can hope to change is how we interact with our neighbour, how we view our position in our family and our society, how we assess our self worth. Too much effort in our daily life is spent on just getting through the day. We could all do with a lot more patience and equanimity. We always end up wanting more in our lives, most of it material. The best things in life, however, we cant measure. 
Now if all of this sounds like I'm still hungover, that could just be true. But come this new year, I'm just aiming to be happier, in every way possible. And thats the wish I want to send out to the world. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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